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Elusive Thing
Gimme Some Time
Mess You Up
Intro to Acting
Buried Down
How Long
The Fight

1999 Beth Boucher

She was sleeping, but not dreaming
Now she's wondering what to wear
Putting stickers on her fingernails and cutting off her hair
And now she's lighting up a cigarette from a blue gas flame
And she's drying off the dishes and cursing your name

And Love is an elusive thing... you can't choose it, you can't force it
Can't describe it, can't define it, can't deny it

Now she's staring out the window at a blank, brick wall
Hearing next door neighbor lovers, kissing in the hall
And the lady on the first floor, moaning, building to a shriek
No one's counting, but it's the fifteenth time
She's gotten it this week


Now she's walking to the playground and she's swinging on a swing
And she's wondering if she'll ever feel alive again
And she's counting up her losses
And she's thinking she's to blame
And she's noticing how teardrops disappear in rain