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Elusive Thing
Gimme Some Time
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Buried Down
How Long
The Fight

Gimme Some Time
©2001 Beth Boucher

I don't want to talk to you
unless you're a guru
who can give me the guidance that I crave
if you're a doctor or masseuse
I might have some use for you
or if you want to be my personal slave

Gimme some time to think
gimme a week, a shrink
order me room service and hold all my calls
I don't wanna answer email
I just wanna sit in my little jail cell
stew about it, stew about it for a while

Maybe I could plot some points, crunch the numbers
write a formula for us
does me + you = ex?
should we divide or multiply
or put it over pi, over pi


What it boils down to is just a question
how much goodness do you need in your life
how much is enough to be happy
how much is enough? I don't know...

Gimme some time...