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Elusive Thing
Gimme Some Time
Mess You Up
Intro to Acting
Buried Down
How Long
The Fight

©1996 Beth Boucher

I heard the slam of an industrial freezer door
My heart is frozen and I don't want it anymore
And thawing is painful
But it's what I have to do
Required behavior to warm myself by you

I don't want to shut that door on you
I don't want to close my coat to you
And I may suffer from exposure
But I can't take another winter without you

I dreamed of a skeleton imprint in the snow
What a way to go
They say you feel peaceful and then you fall asleep
That's not the way to go, I don't want to go that way


I'm going out on the limb
And you could saw it off
I don't care
I'll stand fast I'll stand my ground
I'll fight for springtime with you
We'll chip away, we'll chip away, we'll chip away'