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"Beth Boucher's debut sounds as confident as anything released by Mary Chapin Carpenter or Shawn Colvin over their long careers. The ebullient New Englander offers clever lyrics and smart arrangements to go with her friendly, bouncy voice....This album will get tagged "folk," but don't believe it--it's pure pop, and a pleasure." - Paste Magazine, issue #5

"This warm, spirited pop-folk outing is bouyed by Boucher's voice, a clear instrument with a touch of huskiness and a playful way of phrasing that's a perfect companion for the vein of humor that runs through many of her lyrics. Most of the album is sparked by clever electric-guitar work -- slide lines that underscore the emotional push-pull of "Gimme Some Time" or weird, oscillating tones that make love, the elusive thing of "Elusive Thing," sound like an alien spacecraft hovering just beyond the hear's radar. Boucher's use of objects like a freezer to symbolize romantic resistance, or little moves like having a heroine light her cigarette on a gas stove flame, make her love songs lively and colorful " -The Boston Phoenix

"Utterly adorable vocals. Exposed, observant and often funny. With little twists and amusing asides, Boucher is a keen observer of love and the relationship dance...her take is interesting, oblique, real." -Mote Magazine

"Boucher offers an upbeat collection of heartfelt and personal tunes." - The Village Voice

"Boucher's true gift is her ability to write provocative lyrics and fit them into melody." -Face Magazine

"For a debut indie record, this singer-songwriter has managed to assemble an impressive backing band. It's fairly easy to see why she has managed to attract this pedigree of players. Her material is catchy as all-git-out in a pleasant, folk-pop way. She sings with the warmth and assurance of a more established artist." -Chart Magazine

"With her impressive full-length debut, this (Maine) native should make her presence felt, both on college and AAA radio and at venues across the country. Boucher is a talented writer of well-crafted songs, penning all but one tune on the album by herself. Songs such as the title cut, "Elusive Thing," "Gimme Some Time" and "Intro to Acting" offer insightful analyses of the minefield of relationships. Still Boucher also tackles tough topics, such as domestic violence on "How Long." Boucher continually surprises, offering hooky, offbeat alternative folk rock that's never dull. With this release, the promising newcomer proves that she's a person to watch in the crowded singer-songwriter field. - Dale McGarrigle, Bangor Daily News

"Well, that was quick: Beth Boucher has slapped down 2003's first utterly insanely catchy pop tune in "Elusive Thing," ...It's an adult contemporary radio smash in an alternate universe where music is played on the radio because it's good...Mess You Up is relentlessly listenable" -John Scalzi,
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"We're drawn to the friendly blaze of her red lipstick, the hypnotic patterns swirling across her vintage skirts, and her off-kilter, folkie pop tunes." - The Boston Globe

"Mess You Up is a persuasive debut that is sure to be even more of a crowd-pleaser live." -Northeast Performer

"This debut is a very strong one. This is a very catchy and instantly likeable recording... Beth Boucher is a talented woman and this is a CD worth listening to."

"These are real nice songs...both subtle and deceptively complex, you forget you're listening to what most people simply call "folk"...from what I've heard, this is as good as it gets." -The Noise

"...she has conjured up some of the catchiest folk/pop ever heard." -Boston Soundcheck

"The album's title track forces you to sing along to the chorus, while the upbeat melody is peppered by boucher's quirky, funny lyrics. It's too damn fun." - John Swinconeck, Indie Roundup, York County Coast Star